Admission Requirements

The Robert Day School Graduate Admission Committee will conduct an initial review of all applications completed by fall or spring review deadlines. The committee will not review incomplete applications (please see requirements below). The committee may choose to deny the application, defer the application to the following review period, or to advance your application to participate in an alumni interview. Once selected, we will attempt to coordinate a face-to-face interview for you as close as possible to where you live. The interview may be conducted by Skype if a timely face-to-face interview is not possible. The admission committee will conduct a final review of the application once the interview results are received and may award an offer of admission or may again chose to deny admission or defer a decision. The successful applicant who has not yet fulfilled all prerequisite coursework will be issued conditional admission. Applicants receiving an offer of admission will be required to submit a commitment card and $600 deposit to reserve a seat in the class. You will typically have 30 days to provide your commitment. The status of your application will be maintained and visible online.

Please Note: Applications for the Class of 2017 are not currently accessible pending completion of a scheduled internal review.  An update on the application process will be provided as soon as possible.

Admission to this highly selective program is very competitive. The admission committee does not maintain minimum gpa’s or test scores as it values assessment of the total application. Please review the previous class profiles to appreciate committee expectations.Profile. You will be asked to provide typical biographical, contact, and educational information, as well as standardized test scores (GMAT or GRE, TOEFL or equivalent for international students who have completed their undergraduate education in a language other than English). Upon submission you may view your completed profile, but will need to submit changes to

The following documents must be uploaded.


Cover Letter. In no more than a single page, please share what you plan to get out of attending this program as well as what you have to contribute to the class. Your post-education goals are of interest to the admission committee.

Transcript. Please provide copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. You will have the option to replace a previously uploaded transcript or to continue to upload new transcripts. Please note that the admission committee will review unofficial copies of your transcript, but that you will be responsible for providing an official copy of all transcripts upon an offer of admission.

Letters of Reference. The application system will enable you to invite your references to electronically submit letters on your behalf. The admission committee requires two letters of reference, at least one of which should be from a faculty member.

Application Fee. The Admission system will require submission of a $70 application fee before your portion of the application is considered complete. If you prefer to submit a check you may do so by making it payable to Claremont McKenna College and addressing it to:

Office of Graduate Admission
Claremont McKenna College
500 E. Ninth St.
Claremont, CA 91711

Please note that the admission committee reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission should it determine an applicant has provided false information, should the applicant fail to maintain academic performance or should the applicant be found to have demonstrated conduct inconsistent with that of a future responsible, professional leader.

If at anytime in the application process you have questions or encounter difficulty with the application, please contact or call the Office of Graduate Admission at (909) 607-3347.