Learn what happens when the power of successful alumni and world class faculty combine with highly accomplished students in the advanced study of finance.

Leadership You Can Quantify

Something special happened in 2007 when Robert Day offered Claremont McKenna College (CMC), his alma mater, a record gift of $200M for the advancement of finance education. Just over seven years later the School of Economics and Finance that bears his name has distinguished itself as a destination for accomplished students seeking rewarding futures within the financial services industry.

An Exciting Future in Finance


Madeline Chiavini 12

“They work really closely with the students and help us every step of the way, and it’s really helpful - we have a guide and a support system through the whole process.”

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Tejas Gala 13

“The really valuable career support I have here attracted me to come back to school - to learn the other side of finance after working on Wall Street. Coming back here, I learned a lot - I’ve been pushed academically.”

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Tom Vercillo 13

“I’d say the reputation was one of the first things that drew me to CMC and the Master’s in Finance program. You really start to develop a bond with the people you go on the networking trips with, you’re all going through these meetings together.”

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